5 Top Rated Antivirus Apps for Android Phones

In this article you will come to know about world’s top rated antivirus applications for Android phones.

Really an Antivirus is necessary for your Smartphone ?

In the latest upcoming Android phones there are some pre-installed features which protect your device from unauthorized access but for better security, you must install a top rated Antivirus app in your smartphone. Some good security apps are available free in App stores but I suggest you buy paid version because it provides better protection and features.

Now I am going to represent a list of top rated Antivirus apps for Android phones. In this list some some apps are paid and some are free.

List of 5 Top Rated Antivirus Apps for Android Phones:

1.) Kaspersky Internet Security: The Kaspersky is well known company in developing security applications. This application provides you large no. of features like faster scanning, Anti-theft tools, Top-tier malware protection, SIM alert, browser protection, Text and Call blocking. You can purchase this Antivirus for Rs 330 (Flipkart Price).

2.) Avast Mobile Security: This app provides features like malware protection, Remote lock, Wipe and alarm, Network meter, Privacy Advisor and this app also supports many popular web browsers. This security app is free, you download it from Google web store and install it.

3.) Bitdefender Mobile Security: Bitdefender provides features like super fast scanning, Robust anti-theft features, SMS anti-theft, SIM alerts and it also supports third-party log in services. It costs for Rs 300 (Flipkart Price).

4.) Trend Micro Mobile Security: This security app provides you features like clear interface, Anti-malware and privacy scan, Call and Text screening, Robust Call and text filtering, Anti-theft features. This security app costs you Rs 1800 per year. The trail version of this Antivirus is available on Google App store.

5.) Norton Security Antivirus:  This security app provides you features like Integrated privacy warning, Anti-theft tools, SMS and Call blocking, Malware protection. It costs for almost Rs 1800 per year.

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