Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt Hack Cheats

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The Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt Hack Codes for free in-app purchases

The Code is: CODE_78ffa494

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Escape shape shift and the mansion into creatures! About the eve of a grand party, Otto the Super Natural hunter shows his newest grab into his guests: Moira the shapeshifter. Moira needs to use her supernatural talents to shape shift into different critters to flee the predators clutches! Explore a seance room, armory, secret vault, as well as other spooky locations to discover about the houses tragic history! Meet additional supernaturals on the way, for example a mystical super-natural pup and also a ghost out for revenge. Join millions of happy Adventure Escape players and find out whether you are able to escape this Haunted Hunt! – Beautiful images bring the Victorian mansion into life! – Use supernatural shapeshifting powers to develop into animals in order to find hidden items and fresh places! – Investigate an extensive array of areas such as a seance chamber, secret vault, and much more! – Solve devious puzzles and riddles! – Get the whole match at no cost! Youre never made to cover! – Collect items and tools to aid in your search! – Memorable supernatural characters! Escape the Victorian mansion in Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt hack code! Will you rescue your valuable supernatural brethren? — WHAT OUR PLAYERS SAY –Simply escape matches worth playing! Appreciate games by this creator! I LOVE those matches. These are the highest quality matches of their kind at the app-store — ABOUT HAIKU GAMES –we’re a tiny indie game studio who loves making matches. Our Gender Escape series was played by tens of millions of players. Solve the homicide in Murder Inn, cease a Nazi megaweapon in Allied Spies, and locate ancient treasure in Hidden Ruins. Seek out haiku games for us! Website: www.haikugamesco.comFace-book:

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