European War 6: 1804 Hack Cheats

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The European War 6: 1804 Hack Codes for free in-app purchases

The Code is: CODE_164e5e

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For the following packages:

Marshal Pack 3

Marshal Pack 2

Marshal Pack 1

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128 Medals

1000 Medals

3500 Medals

General Slot 1

and more.

Subsequent to the Close of the American War of Independence, the French Revolution broke out in Europe in 1789. The world is all going to change! Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, Nelson, Blucher, Kutuzov, Washington, Davout as well as also other military geniuses will become protagonists in changing this earth. CAMPAIGN *** More than 90 famous battles in 10 chapters Declaration of Independence Dominion of CanadaFrench EagleHoly Roman EmpireOverlord at Eastern Europe Ottoman EmpireBritish EmpireLiberation of South AmericaThe Birth of this EmpireRoman Unification *** Choose your generals and promote their own positions and names *** Train the Specific units, like the aged guards, highlanders, death’s head hussars, etc.. *** Build a palace and get the princess of each country *** Teach your military and boost their skillsCONQUEST *** Construct military facilities and train the components *** Develop cities to improve incomeand upgrade the national technology *** Construct a military academy to study various military tactics *** Historical events will impact the situation on the battle *** Construction wonders will attract several benefits to the full country *** The diplomatic system can allow allies to combine the war after possible, or delay the enemys declaration of war on us tDeclare war in any nation or assist allies at any moment *** Choose strong or feeble countries to battle various difficultiestWin with less time to get higher scores, rank with different players in Game Center Should you reach Ayou can find a special reward, and when you reach S, you can unlock hidden contentCHALLENGE *** Win the victory within the selected states, that may test your controlling skills *** Complete the conflicts of famous generals to unlock and get them *** Use the typical ‘s specific abilities to perform missions around the worldmulti player *** players may battle one another using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Features *** Cloud archives support users to modify their apparatus without losing archives *** Using a search motor to improve the match pictures *** 160 Examples of generals had been redrawn and Forged were inserted *** 90 historical conflicts in 45 states, including the Battle of Saratoga, Battle of Austerlitz, etc.. *** More than 200 units from different states and various fashions of buildings *** 39 technologies and more than 120 things *** Support Wi-Fi Battle *** Conquest style supports rank on GameCenter Email to us:

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