Top 10 Apps Of Windows 8

In this article you will come to know about Top 10 Apps Of Windows 8.

There are no. of Windows 8 Apps present on Internet, but some are useful and some are not. Today I am going to write an article on Top 10 Apps of Windows 8. In this list  of “top 10 apps of windows 8″, all apps are free. The list of top 10 windows 8 apps also contain details with download option, if you want to download app, just click on Install Now. But before you start installation of that app you must have Hotmail or Microsoft account. If you don’t have account click on Sign up below.

Following is the list of Top 10 Apps Of Windows 8:

1. Fhotoroom:

This app is free Photo editing app for Windows 8. There no. of different types of effects,features and styles are present in Fhotoroom, by which you can fully customize your photo. There are Instragram frames and style filters are also present.

2. Toolbox:

The Toolbox app of Windows 8 is used for multitasking. In this tool you can run different programs and your window screen is divided into 4-6 tiles structures, by this facility you can make watch on different apps or different social networking accounts. There are total 6 different designs of this app.


3. Tuneln:

The Tuneln app is for music lovers. This app is hundreds of radio stations are present. In this app you can select radio stations according to your region or language. There are also genres option is present,so that you can select you radio station according to your mode.


4.  News Bento:

This app is really helpful for that person who want to stay updated from news. This news app has 6 categories : News, Tech, Designing, Sports, Business and Entertainment. In this 6 categories there are further hundreds of news websites, choose website from which you want updates. In this app tiles are present, in that latest news is present. If want you can also add your own URL in this website.


5. Nextgen Reader:

This app of Windows 8 is designed for both users: laptop and tablet. In this app on the left hand side you can see feeds running down and on the right hand side you can see reading area. For this app you need to have Google reader account.


6. Skype:

As you all know Skype is website from which we can call to someone, we can do video chats and more. For Windows 8 this app is upgraded with new user experience and features. This apps gives facility that you can now chat, do video chats with your friends and family members in Windows 8.


7. Khan Academy:

This Windows 8 app is for students. In this there thousands of videos on Maths, science, history, finance, economics and more . The more important point is that this app and these videos on different topics are totally free.


8. Fresh Paint:

This apps is on painting and arts. There are many features in this app, by which you can create or edit present images very artistic way. This app is free to install and use. As you can see in the photo given below that how we can make a painting experience better.

9. Cocktail Flow App:

This app is not rare in iOS and Android, but it is new to Windows 8 App store. The function of this app is to make a perfect cocktail by selecting cocktail recipes by name, even by color. We can choose spirits,liqueurs and mixers.

10. ESPN FC:

This app is fully based on football news, scores etc. After installation of this app just go to the app and select your favorite team. After selecting the team you see that the updates of that team like news, football matches, scores, players news  etc. pop in titles. This app is very useful for the sports lovers, specially football.

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