Top 15 Free Social Networking Websites in India

In this article you will come to know about the Top 15 Free Social Networking Websites in India.

Social Networking websites are playing big roll in communication and technology sector. The Top 15 Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Pinterest etc. became a well known websites on the internet. These types of social networking websites gives opportunity to the people to share their ideas, discuss about different topics happening in the world, share important information etc. We can’t imagine over life without Social Networking websites, these websites help us to be in touch with our friends and family.

Today I am going to write an article on Top 15 Free Social Networking Websites in India. This article will really help you to making accounts in really happening social networking websites. In the Top 15 Free Social Networking Websites in India, I will tell you about the Alexa Rank of the website, its estimated monthly visitors and their links, so you can easily Sign up  from here.

Following are the Top 15 Free Social Networking Websites in India :

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google Plus+
  4. Pinterest
  5. MySpace
  6. Linkedin
  7. DeviantArt
  8. LiveJournal
  9. Tagged
  10. Orkut
  11. CafeMom
  12. Ning
  13. Mylife
  14. Multiply
  15. Meetup

1. Facebook:

World Alexa Rank: 2

Monthly Visitors: 750,000,000

Details: After Google, Facebook is the most searched website or we can say that most Social Networking website on this planet. There such no. of users of this website is present that we can make a 3rd largest country of the world.

2. Twitter:

World Alexa Rank: 12

Monthly Visitors: 250,000,000

Details: After Facebook, Twitter is most wanted social networking website. This website is mainly established for Professional people like Celebrities, Politicians, Artists etc. In this social networking website, we can’t add anybody as friend. We can just Follow that person so that whenever he/she write something in twitter you will get update.

3. Google Plus+:

World Alexa Rank: 200,744

Monthly Visitors: 65,000,000

Details: Google Plus+ is launched almost a year ago. This is social networking of Google. There are many advance features are present in this website, you can do hangouts with friends, share photos with specific friend circle.

4. Pinterest:

World Alexa Rank: 35

Monthly Visitors: 85,500,000

Details: The Pinterest social networking website is totally based on Images. In this website you can add images of profession like: If you are Fashion Designer, just upload images about Fashion world, trendy fashion, clothes designs, top fashion brands etc. From my personal experience I am telling you this social networking website Awesome!

5. MySpace:

World Alexa Rank: 282

Monthly Visitors: 70,500,000

Details: MySpace is basically music based social networking website. There are no. other options are present. This is really happening website, you must sign up.

6. Linkedin:

World Alexa Rank: 14

Monthly Visitors: 110,000,000

Details: Linkedin is very good social nonworking website. This website is basically build for professional people, who want to promote their products and business. We can sign up in this website to learn “how businessman works”.

7. DevianArt:

World Alexa Rank: 74

Monthly Visitors: 25,500,000

8. LiveJournal:

World Alexa Rank: 135

Monthly Visitors: 20,500,000

9. Tagged:

World Alexa Rank: 274

Monthly Visitors: 19,500,000

10. Orkut:

World Alexa Rank: 1,314

Monthly Visitors: 17,500,000

11. CafeMom:

World Alexa Rank: 1,441

Monthly Visitors: 12,500,000

12. Ning:

World Alexa Rank: 390

Monthly Visitors: 12,000,000

13. Meetup:

World Alexa Rank: 484

Monthly Visitors: 7,500,000

14. Mylife:

World Alexa Rank: 2,897

Monthly Visitors: 5,400,000

15. Multiply:

World Alexa Rank: 1,416

Monthly Visitors: 4,000,000

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